Monday, January 26, 2009

Goodbye Maroc

Salam family and friends,
I can’t even believe it but this is my last update for this trip!!!! This time next week we will be back in the USA! It’s amazing how fast this trip has gone by in some ways and slow in others but it’s all been an adventure with the Lord that I shall not soon forget! Our time here in Agadir has been sweet...going to classes and hanging out with our Moroccan friends. It will be so sad to leave them all...but the Lord has done such great things in our friendships that we have made here. He has given us open doors to share and all in all things have been received very well.

We leave from Agadir on Monday night and begin our journey to Spain where we fly out early Friday morning! Once we are back in the states we begin our debriefing and time of reflection which will last until Wednesday (17th) morning. I fly home to the "Great State of Virginia" (look Mom! lol) on the 22nd of December and will hopefully see many of you on the night of the 24th! I am very excited to return home after this full season here in Morocco. The Lord has brought me in to a greater understanding of Himself over these past few months. He has been speaking to me a lot of "Identity". Of what His identity is and what mine is in Him. Its beauty and pain. Some other things are 1) I have come to a new understanding of how truly weak and helpless I am on my own...I can’t make it through a single day without His strength! 2) All you need is love...His love. Without it we nothing...and in it we have everything. To "LOVE MUCH" (Luke 7:47) Yes the Lord has done great and beautiful things in the lives of many. Thank you all so much for you faithfulness in prayer...we as a team truly believe that strongholds have been cast us and in this nation because of the prayers of the saints! The Lord has truly done such a good work and I can’t wait to truly see the eternal impact when we all get to heaven for all that we can’t see at present!

Well see you so soon! May the Lord continually bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!